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Of Gods and Kings

Foden's Band - Of Gods and Kings (2016)

The latest recording from Foden’s Band was released at the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, Royal Albert Hall, 8 October 2016.  Read more

Celebration - An 80th Birthday Tribute to Howard Snell

Celebration - An 80th Birthday Tribute to Howard Snell

Released at the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, Royal Albert Hall, Saturday, 8 October 2016, this recording is a tribute to one of the most influential members of the brass band community of the last fifty years, Howard Snell. Various bands and soloists are featured.  Read more

Raveling, Unraveling

Raveling, Unraveling - Cory Band

Conducted by Philip Harper, the Cory Band presents works by by John Williams, Philip Sparke, Jan de Haan, Oliver Waespi, Stephen Bulla, and Etienne Crausaz.  Read more


Forte - Derick Kane

Euphonium virtuoso Derick Kane presents a collection of euphonium solos and features, backed by Dr. Stephen Cobb and the International Staff Band.  Read more


Musicals - Household Troops Band

The Household Troops Band (Bandmaster Carl Saunders) presents selections of familiar melodies from Broadway and Salvationist musicals.  Read more

Regionals 2016

Regionals 2016 recording cover art

This recording features the test pieces chosen for the 2016 Regional contests, played by top bands, including Leyland, Cory, and Black Dyke. This is a compilation recording.  Read more

The Adventurers

The repertoire contained on this recording primarily highlights new works by the rising generation of Salvation Army composers within the United Kingdom. Some of the works recorded here were featured in the band’s recent endeavors, including the Boundless International Congress in the summer of 2015 and their tour of Australia in October of the same year.  Read more

South Coast

The latest recording from the Solent Fellowship Band (Bandmaster John Bird) features an eclectic mix of music ranging from classics to new works.  Read more

Quintessence for Clarence

Quintessence: The Music of Robert Redhead

Quintessence: The Music of Robert Redhead, featuring Fairey Band and Owen Farr, has been released in aid of the Clarence Adoo Trust.  Read more