Raveling, Unraveling

Raveling, Unraveling - Cory Band

Raveling, Unraveling - Cory Band

Cory Band
Conducted by Philip Harper

De Haske Brass/World of Brass

1 Fanfare for Fenway (John Williams)   3:17
2 Salute to the Victor (Philip Sparke)   3:56
3 Belvedere (Jan de Haan) Helen Williams, flügelhorn soloist 3:10
4 Friendly Takeover (Oliver Waespi)   9:29
5 Festivus Americas (Stephen Bulla)   4:57
6 Sinfonietta No. 3 (Etienne Crausaz)   12:28
7 Raveling, Unraveling - In Search of La Valse (Philip Sparke)   16:28
8 Brass Machine (Mark Taylor, arr. Philip Sparke)   4:44
9 Theme from “Star Trek” (Alexander Courage, arr. Thomas Doss)   3:20
10 Symphonic Suite from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (John Williams, arr. Stephen Bulla)   8:09
11 Scherzo for X-Wings (John Williams)   2:15
12 March of the Resistance (John Williams)   2:22
13 Main Theme from “Star Wars” (John Williams)   3:56

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