About the Site

The Brass Crest is an independent web site about brass bands, instruments, and music, focusing on the Salvation Army brass band tradition. The main purpose of the Brass Crest is to be an independent voice in the overall brass band world, helping to increase the visibility of Salvation Army music and music programs.

When the site was launched on 1 November 1999, very few Salvation Army music forces had their own presence on the Internet. The original concept was to profile bands and other musical groups. As more and more groups started their own sites, the need for these profiles diminished.

In April of 2001, we started our News Section - the first article published was the appointment of Stephen Cobb as music leader for the UK Territory. This quickly became the centerpiece of the site, and it remains so today. Items for the News Section are submitted by visitors or sourced from various online sources (web sites, Facebook pages, etc.). Use this link to submit an article.

At the time the site was launched, the Webmaster was serving as a Salvation Army corps bandmaster. Realizing that there were resources that could be provided to help others in similar roles, the Tune Book Resources section was added. All of the content in this section is free to download and use.

In 2016, we began to branch into music publishing with the launch of our Two-Part Hymn Series. This is a series of simple two-part hymn tune arrangements, free to download and use. There are now hundreds of arrangements available, and more are being added on a regular basis.

Advertising on the Brass Crest

Our advertising policy is simple – we don’t accept any paid advertising of any kind. We don’t accept monetary compensation for anything on the site. We aren’t selling anything. We aren’t soliciting contributions. If you have a new recording, composition, or product, you can submit an article to promote it, but you can’t pay us for posting that article, and we won’t collect any money for you (although we will link to pages where our visitors can order your products). You can support the site by linking to us, mentioning the site on social media, and submitting content. Constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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