Purpose of Salvation Army Bands

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The primary purpose of all Salvation Army bands is to serve as an instrument to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All other activities and functions of the band are only proper when this ultimate goal is observed. The spiritual commitment of all members of the group, from the bandmaster down, must be firm if the band’s purpose is to be effectively achieved.

Within the framework of the primary purpose, a brass band can be a powerful evangelistic tool. Music is capable of generating intense emotion and transmitting a message, even without words. The judicious choice of music for a worship service can set the mood and enhance the message, preparing the congregation for the desired experience.

Music is also a means to attract and hold members to the movement. Many individuals were originally introduced to The Salvation Army through the music programs. Others would have strayed from the cause if not for their interest in brass bands. Service provided by musicians often far exceeds just playing an instrument - most band members also serve in other roles in the corps.

The brass band is also an excellent means of drawing attention for fund-raising and publicity. Nothing fills a Christmas kettle faster than a quartet playing on the spot. Participation in public and civic events raises awareness of The Salvation Army and its mission in many communities.

Finally, the brass band provides a source of Christian fellowship for the players. In some cases, the primary purpose of a group is stated as fellowship. Christian fellowship is an important part of worship for many believers, and its quality within the context of working together to produce a pleasing and praising sound can be superior.