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It Was a Very Good Year

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This song, made famous by Frank Sinatra, is arranged for brass band and soloist(s) by Gavin Somerset. Several solo parts are provided, allowing many combinations of soloists.  Read more

Phase 2 of Two-Part Hymn Series Begins

This is the first release of ten tunes in the Brass Crest Two-Part Hymn Series. All of these simple two-part arrangements are free to download and use. There are now a total of 130 tunes available (120 in Phase 1 and 10 in Phase 2).   Read more

Concertante for Euphonium

Concertante for Euphonium (Terry Treherne)

This major work for euphonium and band was written for and premiered by the well-known British euphonium artist Charley Brighton by composer Terry Treherne.  Read more

Pilgrim's Progress

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A major work by Philip Wilby, written for the USA Western Territorial Staff Band and performed at their tenth anniversary celebrations in 2016.  Read more

El Olam - Euphonium Solo

Roger Trigg Music

Written by Roger Trigg for euphonium soloist Micah Parsons in 2015, this solo is built around the melody “Yesterday, Today, Forever” by Ivor Bosanko.  Read more

Cornet Solo: Blessings!

A major new cornet solo with full brass band accompaniment, originally written for Gordon Ward and the New York Staff Band.  Read more

Phase 1 of the Two-Part Hymn Series Complete

The first phase of the Brass Crest Two-Part Hymn Series is complete with the release of the last twenty tunes, bringing the total number of tunes available to 120. These simple 2-part arrangements are free to download and use.  Read more