Monthly Archives: March 2006

Dalrymple and London Citadel Go to the Mountain

This concert, titled Blazing Brass, was the fifth since the series was inaugurated in 2002 by the host band, Mountain Citadel, under the leadership of Bandmaster Phil Rayment. The guests this year were London Citadel Band (Bandmaster John Lam), and cornet soloist Captain Stewart Dalrymple, a Canadian and former member of the London Citadel Band,  Read more

United Bands in Hythe

In a year which celebrates both the 110th anniversary of the Salvation Army corps in Hythe and the centenary of the Hythe Salvation Army Band, Richard Carroll, who has been the bandmaster at Hythe for over 23 years, arranged the fourth annual United Bands Concert, featuring “easy listening” from the Hythe Town Concert Band and  Read more