Monthly Archives: September 2007

NCB Switzerland/France Tour - May 24 - Normandy

Leaving the area of Tours on the morning of Thursday, May 24, many members of the National Capital Band were in great anticipation of the day's activities. Since the itinerary for the tour had been announced, the visit to the Normandy area, including a concert and ceremonies at the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach, had  Read more

NCB Switzerland/France Tour - May 23 - Fontevraud

On Wednesday, 23 May, the National Capital Band had our longest travel day of the tour, leaving Zürich at 5:15 am. With the travel distance to Tours in France, driver rest stops required by regulation, and an anticipated stop for passport checks at the border, the estimated travel time was 12 hours. Fortunately, we did  Read more

The Brass Crest Resumes Updates

The News Section of the Brass Crest, which has been on a hiatus since 1 June 2007, is now active again. We will first complete the series of daily articles on the National Capital Band's tour of Switzerland and France at the end of May, and then start with current reports. We appreciate all of  Read more