Monthly Archives: February 2011

2010 Community Appreciation Christmas Concert

The 2010 Community Appreciation Christmas Concert, featuring the National Capital Band (Bandmaster Dr. Steve Kellner), was held on 12 December in Alexandria, Virginia. In addition to the band, the concert also featured youth soloist Sharolyn Hyson, the DC Metro Timbrelists (Director Elsie Morris), and the Robinson Singers (Director Michael Horanski).  Read more

ISB Supports Life of Lynda Fund-raising Project

As in previous years, members of the International Staff Band (Bandmaster Dr. Stephen Cobb) donated to a worthy cause in lieu of exchanging Christmas cards. For 2010, the band supported ISB horn section member Steve Hanover’s Life of Lynda effort in support of leukemia research, commemorating his sister who died of this disease at an early age.  Read more

Staff Band in Florida

The New York Staff Band (Bandmaster Ronald Waiksnoris) spent a busy weekend in Florida, 19 –22 November 2010, with a Friday evening concert at the First Baptist Church in Bradenton and the balance of the weekend at the Community Church of Vero Beach.  Read more