Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sounds of the Seasons 2011

The annual Sounds of the Seasons concert, featuring the Chicago Staff Band (Bandmaster William Himes) and their special guests, Boston Brass, was held in Edman Chapel, Wheaton College, on 26 November 2011.  Read more

Heritage Brass Sessions

Two day-long (at least five hours each day) recording sessions took place on 18 – 19 November 2011 at Etobicoke Temple. The production of Good Old Army #4 was a marathon endurance test on the part of Heritage Brass (Bandmaster Ian Watkinson).  Read more

Open Rehearsal in Birmingham

The Birmingham Citadel Band (Bandmaster Gavin Lamplough) held an inaugural Open Rehearsal on Wednesday, 9 November 2011, with fifty former band members and friends joining in.  Read more

Fireworks in Rushden

To the accompaniment of what sounded like a great fireworks show in Rushden, the Birmingham Citadel Band (Bandmaster Gavin Lamplough) provided an evening of their own brand of fireworks on 5 November 2011.  Read more

LCFB at St. Albans

A warm and eager audience greeted the London Central Fellowship Band (Bandmaster David Daws) on the occasion of its second visit to the St. Albans Salvation Army Hall in the last four years.  Read more

Tidewater Ministry Weekend

The National Capital Band (Bandmaster Dr. Steve Kellner) traveled to the Tidewater area of Virginia on 4 November 2011 for a ministry weekend which included a kettle kick-off, music for a fashion show, a youth band clinic, an evening festival, Sunday morning worship and an afternoon praise concert.  Read more

Isle of Wight Concert

The Solent Fellowship Band (Bandmaster John Bird) presented a concert at the Isle of Wight Salvation Army Corps on Friday, 11 November 2011.  Read more