Monthly Archives: June 2014

Consett 135 with Amsterdam Staff Band

On the last weekend of May 2014, the Amsterdam Staff Band (Bandmaster Olaf Ritman) could be found in the United Kingdom! The Staff Band was invited to celebrate the 135th anniversary of the eldest Salvation Army band in the world, the Consett Corps Band. The Staff Band brought with them Ben van Dijk, bass trombonist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, as guest soloist, in conjunction with the release of his new solo recording, World Concerto, which includes the Staff Band as the accompanying group.  Read more

Bermuda Divisional Band Spring Festival 2014

On Saturday, 31 May 2014, the Bermuda Divisional Band (Bandmaster Warren W. Jones) marked its 18th Annual Spring Festival of Music at the North Street Citadel Corps in Hamilton, Bermuda. This year's festival had the theme Good Ol’ Army.  Read more

Memorial Day Weekend in Mountain Home

Arkansas-Oklahoma Divisional Band (Bandmaster Andrew Barrington) at Twin Lakes Baptist Church

The Arkansas-Oklahoma Divisional Band (Bandmaster Andrew Barrington) spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend of ministry in Mountain Home, Arkansas, spreading the gospel of Jesus and His glorious grace.   Read more

Tribute to Lt.-Colonel Ivor Rich

Lt.-Colonel Ivor Rich (retired) passed away on 11 June 2014. Among his many distinguished appointments and roles in the Salvation Army was a term as executive officer of the Canadian Staff Band.  Read more

Twelve Scripture-Based Songs Volume XV

The long-running series of brass band settings of songs based on Scripture continues with arrangements by Gash, Jones, Clarke, Feltwell, Browning, Venables, Sharman, Cordner, Mackereth, Shaw and Smith.  Read more

Unity Series Band Journal, June 2014

The latest edition of the Unity Series (for small ensembles and bands) features four items, with works by Noel Jones, Nicholas King, Paul Sharman and Trevor Worthington.  Read more

Songs of the Great War

This medley, arranged for brass band by Rob Wiffin in honor of the British military who served in World War I, features eleven songs associated with the Great War.  Read more

Tros y Garreg (Over the Stone)

This skillful arrangement by Welshman Tony Small was made for David Childs, who recorded a version with brass band accompaniment for his solo album Celtic Charm.  Read more

Evening Song

Evening Song, by Kenneth Downie, recalls an old, and now rarely used, melody by William Kirkpatrick with words by pioneer Salvationist musician Fred Fry.  Read more

Empress of Ireland 100th Anniversary

The Canadian Staff Band, both in full and in ensemble, participated in numerous observances of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the SS Empress of Ireland. This disaster, the worst maritime accident in the history of Canada, claimed 1,012 lives, of which 167 were Salvationists traveling to an international congress in London, England.  Read more