Metrical Index: Song Book (prev. ed.)

147Come to the royal feast
143Come, for the feast is spread
247Fade, fade each earthly joy
359Give me a holy life
31God gave his son for me
646I'm but a stranger here
535Nearer, my God, to Thee
221No, not despairingly
294Now I have found a Friend
472Saviour, I long to be
475Saviour, Thy dying love
908Holy Spirit, hear us
862Now the day is over
878He who would valiant be
845Children, sing for gladness
957Christ of self denial
672Forward! Be our watchword!
797Hark! the sounds of singing
450Jesus, precious Saviour, Thou hast saved my soul
711Jesus, Thou hast won us
879Jesus, with what gladness I can truly sing
280Living in the fountain
680Onward, Christian soldiers
886Soldiers of King Jesus
807Strike, O strike, for victory
907Welcome, happy morning
327When upon life's billows you are tempest-tossed
696Who is on the Lord's side?
548Blessed and glorious King
829Christ for the world, we sing
129Come, Thou almighty King
1003Come, Thou almighty King
617Father of love and power
566Firm in Thy strong control
831God bless our native land
678March to the battlefield
993My country, 'tis of thee
771My faith looks up to Thee
133Thou, whose almighty word
65Arise, my soul, arise
39Christ is our corner-stone
852Hushed was the evening hymn
364I bring my sins to Thee
42I know thee who Thou art
6Jehovah is our strength
113Jesus is glorified
46Let earth and Heaven agree
100Rejoice, the Lord is King!
558Saviour, we know Thou art
896The Lord of earth and sky
234With all my sins and guilt
20Ye ransomed souls draw near
298O happy, happy day
309Once I was far in sin