Metrical Index: Song Book (prev. ed.)

66Behold! behold the Lamb of God
28Come, let us all unite to sing
376Jesus, Thy purity bestow
286My heart is fixed, eternal God
186There is a better world, they say
119Thou Christ of burning, cleansing flame
193We're traveling home to Heaven above
329Whene'er we meet, you always say
333With joy of heart I now can sing
763Jesus Christ is now amongst us
554Jesus, hear Thy soldiers crying
311One there is above all others
786Through the love of God our Saviour
136Art thou weary, art thou languid
551Holy Father, in Thy mercy
756I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus
717Ho, my comrades, see the signal
710In this hour of dedication
728Oft our trust has known betrayal
226Pass me not, O loving Saviour
628Sinner, whither would you wander?
320Though I wandered far from Jesus
114Near Thy Cross assembled, Master
436Father, I know that all my life
437I ask Thee for the daily strength
462My life must be Christ's broken bread
1015Jesus calls us, o'er the tumult
1007Sing the wondrous love of Jesus Dactylic
709I would be Thy holy temple
593There shall be showers of blessing Iambic
50The great Physician now is near
35The King of Love my Shepherd is
837To save the world the Saviour came Trochaic
828All the world shall be the conquest
427All to Jesus I surrender
876Angry words, O let them never
431Blessed Saviour, now behold me
432Brightly beams our Father's mercy
956Bring your tithes into the storehouse
111Come, Thou everlasting Spirit
243Come, Thou fount of every blessing
931Come, Thou long-expected Jesus
245Comrades, I am on my journey
571Gracious Saviour, Thou hast drawn me
156Hark! the Saviour's voice from Heaven
158Have you any room for Jesus
900Have you heard the angels singing
125Holy Ghost, we bid Thee welcome
758I must have the Saviour with me
265I will sing the wondrous story
267I'm a soldier bound for Glory
72In the Cross of Christ I glory
448Jesus calls me, I am going
449Jesus, I my cross have taken
370Jesus, lead me up the mountain
372Jesus, Saviour, I am waiting
859Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me
165Listen to the invitation
218Lord, I hear of showers of blessing
379Lord, I pray that I may know Thee
460Mine to rise when Thou dost call me
293None the love of Christ can measure
464Not my own, but saved by Jesus
501Once I thought I walked with Jesus
503Only Thee, my soul's Redeemer
681Onward! Upward! Christian soldier
883Plan our life, O gracious Saviour
470Precious Jesus, O to love Thee!
730Precious promise God hath given
504Precious Saviour, Thou dost save me
117Precious Saviour, we are coming
819Shall we gather at the river
820Shall we meet beyond the river
176Sinner, how thy heart is troubled!
178Sinner, we are sent to bid you
183Souls of men! why will ye scatter
541Sweet the moments, rich in blessing
49Tale the name of Jesus with you
480Touch me with Thy healing hand, Lord
808We are marching home to Glory
322We are out on the ocean sailing
823When the roll is called in Heaven
707Who are these with colors waving
335Would you know why I love Jesus
349Yes, there flows a wondrous river
97Jesus comes! Let all adore Him!
938Once, in royal David's city Trochaic
533Master, speak! Thy servant heareth
151Come, ye sinners, poor and needy
452King of love so condescending
11Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven Trochaic
927Angels, from the realms of Glory
549Blessed Jesus, save our children
743Blessed Lord, in Thee is refuge
139Boundless as the mighty ocean
626Day of judgment! Day of wonders!
491Full salvation, full salvation
572Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah
753Happy we who trust in Jesus
155Hark! the gospel news is sounding
157Hark! the voice of Jesus calling
553Jesus, give Thy Blood-washed Army
99Lo! He comes with clouds descending
904Look, ye saints! The sight is glorious
960Lord, we ask Thy richest blessing
384Love divine, from Jesus flowing
556O Thou God of every nation
403O Thou God of full salvation
304O Thou God of my salvation
864Saviour, like a shepherd lead us
947Sing we many years of blessing
410Spotless Lamb, O wilt Thou make me
483Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer Iambic
288My life flows on in endless song Dactylic
162Is there a heart that is waiting
409Send out Thy light and Thy truth, Lord
60Tell me the story of Jesus Iambic
272I've found a Friend, O such a Friend!
269In golden hours of brightest joy
306O what has Jesus done for me?
922To Thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise Trochaic
700Army flag! Thy threefold glory
123Come, Thou all-inspiring Spirit
701Emblem of a thousand battles
490From the heart of Jesus flowing
95Glorious things of thee are spoken
96God is with us, God is with us
70Hail, Thou once despised Jesus
55Have you ever heard the story
945Heavenly Father, Thou hast brought us
605Home is home, however lowly
252I am drinking at the fountain
260I have seen His face in blessing
270I've a Friend, of Friends the fairest
531In the secret of Thy presence
343Just outside the land of promise
453Let me hear Thy voice now speaking
454Let me love Thee, Thou are claiming
383Love divine, all loves excelling
473Saviour, if my feet have faltered
885Saviour, while my heart is tender
658There's a crown laid up in Glory
959This, our week of Self-Denial
694Wanted, hearts baptized with fire
838We are witnesses for Jesus
889We have heard our marching orders
192Weary wanderer, wilt thou listen
545What a friend we have in Jesus
416What now are these burning longings
714When you find the Cross is heavy
330Where are now those doubts that hindered
669Will you meet at the fountain
422With my heart so full of gladness
600Be it my only wisdom here
744But can it be that I should prove
242Come, comrades dear, who love the Lord
353Come, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire
716Help, Lord, to whom for help I fly
643How dark and dreadful is the place
441I bring Thee my heart to fill
627Lo! on a narrow neck of land
769Lord Jesus, Thou dost keep Thy child
555Lord, give me more soul-saving love
775Not all the powers of Hell can fright
393O glorious hope of perfect love!
910O Holy Ghost, on Thee we wait
395O Jesus, Saviour, Christ divine
906O joyful sound! O glorious hour
725O Lord, how often should we be
399O love divine, how sweet Thou art!
914Our thankful hearts need joyful songs
346There is a dwelling-place above
560Thy voice hath spoken, souls have heard
815For those we love within the veil
772My God and Father, while I stray
958O Lord of Heaven and earth and sea
493I sought for love and strength and light
214Jesus, my Lord, to Thee I cry
880Just as I am, Thine own to be
217Just as I am, without one plea
721Lord, see me kneeling at Thy feet
962O God of love, to Thee we bow
401O spotless Lamb, I come to Thee
407Saviour, I want Thy love to know
233Why should I wait? I cannot flee Amphibrachic
486All glory to Jesus be given
791Be glad in the Lord and rejoice
877Be strong in the grace of the Lord
365I bring Thee, dear Jesus, my all
575I want that adorning divine
649O think of the home over there
650O when shall I sweep through the gates
405O when shall my soul find her rest?
664We speak of the realms of the blessed
697Who'll fight for the Lord everywhere Iambic
739All things are possible to Him
204And can it be that I should gain
429Behold, the servant of the Lord!
745Captain of Israel's host, and Guide
121Come, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire
356Come, O Thou Traveler unknown
550Eternal Father, strong to save
749Father of Jesus Christ the Just
602Fountain of life and all my joy
751Give me the faith that Jesus had
752Give me the faith which can remove
126I want the gift of power within
26I'll praise my Maker while I've breath
902In wondrous love and might arrayed
212Jesus, if still the same Thou art
580Jesus, the gift divine I know
216Jesus, thou know'st my sinfulness
374Jesus, Thy boundless love to me
765Leader of faithful souls and Guide
766Leave God to order all thy ways
459Master, I own Thy lawful claim
776Now I have found the ground wherein
386O Christ of pure and perfect love
394O God of light, O God of love
34O God, my God, in whom combine
466O God, what offering shall I give
590O Jesus, Saviour, hear my cry
468O love, who formedst me to wear
953O Saviour, now to Thee we raise
648O soul, consider and be wise
729Peace, doubting heart! My God's I am
406Saviour from sin, I wait to prove
517Set forth within Thy sacred Word
733Surrounded by a host of foes
509Thee will I love, my strength, my tower
187There is a Mercy-Seat revealed
414Thou hidden love of God, whose height
53Thou hidden source of calm repose
594Thou Lamb of God, whose precious Blood
921To Thee, O Lord of earth and sky
897We greet with joy the glad new year
415We have not known Thee as we ought
969We pray Thee, Lord, Thy blessing send
87We worship Thee, O Crucified!
230Weary of wandering from my God
18What am I, O Thou glorious God
196What means this eager, anxious throng
93Would Jesus have the sinner die?
424Ye longing souls, lift up your heads Amphibrachic
251How tasteless and tedious the hours
760I'll go in the strength of the Lord
816Rejoice for a comrade deceased
544Thou Shepherd of Israel, and mine
418What now is my object and aim?