Metrical Index: Song Book (1987)

Double Common

774Above the world-wide battlefield
923At harvest time our eyes behold
7Fill Thou my live, O Lord my God
48God's love to me is wonderful
880How happy every child of grace
332I heard the voice of Jesus say
590In days long past the mercy seat
83It came upon the midnight clear
967O beautiful for spacious skies
86O little town of Bethlehem
253O wanderer, knowing not the smile
749Oft I have heard thy tender voice
551Show me Thy face, one transient gleam
779The flag is yours, the flag is mine
267The heart that once has Jesus known
41The little cares which fretted me
701The Son of God goes forth to war
898There is a land of pure delight
780They bid me choose an easier path
705We're in God's Army and we fight
277Who comes to Me, the Saviour said