International Staff Band Moving to New Quarters

The redevelopment of the International Headquarters property at 101 Queen Victoria Street has caused the International Staff Band to move to a new band room at the United Kingdom Territorial Headquarters, 101 Newington Causeway. After nearly 70 years at IHQ, the band will move into the former office space of the Music Ministries Unit at the Newington Causeway site (Music Ministries has moved to offices in another part of the Territorial Headquarters).

The new facilities include rehearsal space and accommodations for the band’s large library of published and manuscript music. The location of the new band room will also serve to solidify the ties of the ISB to the territory, according to Staff Bandmaster Stephen Cobb. (The sponsorship of the ISB was transferred from International Headquarters to the UK Territorial Headquarters some years ago). The collections of photographs and other memorabilia that give the old band room much of its character will be retained, and as much as possible displayed, in the new space.

Salvationist, 12 May 2001