Brass Crest Site Redesign Status

Thanks for visiting The Brass Crest. We are currently in the midst of a complete redesign and relaunch of the entire site. This post will be updated periodically with the status of the redesign.

21 October 2013 1130 EDT
Links pages have been activated. Please note that links from the old site are still being validated, so these pages will change very frequently until all old links have been verified.

15 September 2013 1530 EDT
Contact forms for general inquiries, article submissions and link requests are now active.

13 September 2013 0600 EDT
All of the Tune Book resources (tune-to-song indexes and metrical indexes to songs) have been published. Work on the Errata Project pages will take longer as there is a lot of programming that needs to be redone. Links pages are being constructed. Every link is being checked, validated and updated when necessary, so these pages will be deployed this weekend in an unfinished state. Also working on getting forms to work properly, so that the news item submission, link suggestion and Errata Project forms can be published.

11 September 2013 0820 EDT
The backlog of entries from the summer has been cleared. New articles are now being added in the regular order. Next priorities are to get the rest of the Links and Resources pages, including the Errata Project, working in the new software.

6 September 2013 1930 EDT
The Tune-to-Song Index (1987) (current edition) has been enabled in the Resources Section.

31 August 2013 0730 EDT
Site copied from the test domain to the regular domain. The Resources section and all Links pages except for the Band Index page are not yet available. News section posts from November 2010 to the present have been tagged and categorized, previous entries have not been tagged or categorized and are probably missing their excerpt text. The priority now is to catch up on new entries that have been waiting for the redesign, then get the Resources section sorted.

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    1. Webmaster Post author

      I'm glad that you find the Index so useful. It will be the first part of the Resources section to be activated. I hope to have it up this weekend, although this is the annual retreat for the National Capital Band so I can't work on it until late tomorrow.

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