Derick Kane with Southern Territorial Band

Derick Kane, world-class euphonium soloist and long-time member of the International Staff Band, joined the Southern Territorial Band (Bandmaster Nick Simmons-Smith) for the USA South Commissioning weekend, 7 – 9 June 2013.

Kane thrilled audiences during the weekend with several solos, including The Better World (Norman Bearcroft), Travelling Along (Chris Mallett), In Christ Alone (Richard Phillips) and his own composition, That’s the Spirit, which was written for his son, Stephen.

In addition to playing with the Territorial Band at all of their engagements during the weekend, Kane also showed his skill as a conductor, leading the band in The Proclaimers (Kevin Norbury), Celebration (Leslie Condon) and The Ambassadors (Peter Graham. He also took the band through Daystar (Ray Steadman-Allen) in rehearsal.

In addition to his participation with the Territorial Band, Kane also undertook several other duties during the weekend. He judged the Southern Territorial Singing Company competition, featuring singing companies from each division in the territory, chosen earlier in the year at divisional competitions. He also led rehearsals with the Florida Youth Band and the Southern Territorial Songsters.

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