Staff Band Supports Commissioning Weekend

On the weekend of 21 – 22 June 2013, the Canadian Staff Band (Bandmaster John Lam) was once again privileged to support the annual commissioning of new officers, a significant event for the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

A total of eighteen lieutenants of the “Proclaimers of the Resurrection” session were ordained and commissioned as Salvation Army officers, along with five auxiliary-captains. All events were held at the Canada Christian College.

The kick things off, a time of celebration and praise was presented on Friday night with the theme “Proclaim His Glory Among the Nations”, featuring the Staff Band and the Bill Booth Theater Company from the USA Central Territory. The program included a series of dramatic sketches interspersed with congregational singing and numerous vocal and instrumental items. In addition to providing a prelude, the Staff Band’s were Ken Smith’s suite With Heart and Hand (featuring the songs “To the War”, “They Need Christ” and “Rescue the Perishing”) and a Latin-style arrangement of Faith Is the Victory (Sam Creamer).

On Saturday night, a capacity crowd was on hand for the ordination and commissioning, and once again the Staff Band was on hand in support. The band provided preliminary music before the meeting, and contributed Procession to Covenant (William Himes) during the service.

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