Waterworth Visits Birmingham

The Birmingham Citadel Band (Bandmaster Gavin Lamplough) was delighted to welcome Bandmaster Ken Waterworth of the Melbourne Staff Band as guest conductor for the final rehearsal of their season on 25 July 2013.

Bandmaster Waterworth was visiting the United Kingdom as an international guest conducting one of the bands at the Territorial Music School. There was genuine anticipation of his visit to Birmingham, where he was accompanied by Andrew Blyth, Assistant Territorial Music Director.

During the rehearsal, Bandmaster Waterworth was engaging and entertaining, showing great musicianship coupled with a keen eye for detail. He brought a lyrical approach to Renaissance (Peter Graham) and brought a new piece from young Australian composer Sam Creamer, a swing arrangement of I’ll Stand for Christ. Many bands are familiar with Creamer’s arrangement of Faith Is the Victory and it was good to hear more from this stylish composer.

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