New Leadership for London Central Fellowship Band

David Daws is one of the legends of the cornet, however, for several years now he has been fighting injury problems with his lip. He decided to attempt playing on an instrument with a larger mouthpiece and choose the euphonium. Recent performances have indicated that he has been able to transfer his world-class talents to the this new instrument.

Since 2010, Daws has been serving as the conductor of the London Central Fellowship Band. However, as he has fought back over the last twelve months from what he has described as “eight years in the gutter,” he has concluded that his future lies in playing rather than conducting. It is with much sadness and understanding that the Fellowship Band has received his resignation.

The Fellowship Band now looks forward to the leadership of Julian Bright. Bright and his family worship at Peterborough Citadel, where he is Songster Leader as well as principal cornet in the Citadel Band. He also leads Festival Brass and the EverBlessed Youth Choir.

Bright’s appointment will be officially recognized on 14 September 2013 at the Fellowship Band’s Hendon Night. Guests for the concert include Philip McCann (cornet), the EverBlessed Youth Choir ... and David Daws (euphonium).

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