UK Territory Relaxes Brass Music Regulations

At the recent territorial music councils held at Denmark Hill, United Kingdom Territory Chief of the Staff, Lieutenant-Colonel Ray Houghton announced that the rules controlling the choice of music played by Salvation Army brass bands in the territory have been amended, effective immediately. Previously, bands were only permitted to play music which was published by the Army or approved by the Territorial Music Council in advance. Bandmasters are now free to choose music from any source, although the use of Salvation Army-published music is still encouraged.

For some time, vocal music sections (songster brigades and singing companies) have been able to select appropriate music from any source. The amended regulations for brass bands make the rules consistent for all music sections, and also makes the UK Territory conform to current international rules. The new rules are incorporated in the territorial Regulations and Guidelines for Musicians, which are authorized by the General of the Salvation Army.

The key element of the new regulations is the shift of responsibility for ensuring the fitness of musical selections from the territorial administration to the individual command sponsors and music leaders. The rules also require that Army bands adhere strictly to copyright laws.

Salvationist, 14 July 2001