Friday Evening Festival in Penge

Major George Whittingham and the South London Fellowship Band traveled to Penge on Friday, 13 May 2005 for a concert at the Salvation Army hall. The event was arranged by Friends of Glebe Court, a group of volunteers who support the Salvation Army’s Eventide Home in Lewisham, South London.

Band selections included Songs of the Valiant (Eric Ball), Jubilation (James Curnow), and My Comfort and Strength (Brian Bowen). Several solo and other special items were also featured, including Ray Steadman-Allen’s cornet and trombone feature Gone My Care, which was conducted by Steve Woods, one of the band’s percussionists. Other special items included the cornet solo Wondrous Day (Erik Leidzén) played by Alan Moyse, Ivor Bosanko’s euphonium solo My Unchanging Friend played by Bram Chestney, and the cornet duet Quicksilver performed by Douglas Minter and Malcolm Shelton. The band also formed into a Male Chorus for the vocal items God’s Love to Me Is Wonderful, Whosoever Heareth, and Were You There.

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