Hythe Music Sections Visit Glasgow

Report by Bandmaster Richard Carroll, Hythe Corps

I must start this short write up with a huge word of thanks to everyone who upheld our visit to Glasgow West Corps in prayer. Please be assured that your prayers were answered, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so evident.

In both concerts the band and songsters played and sang very well indeed, and our music was very well and enthusiastically received. Items included Tomado de la Mano, Southern New England and Reflections in Praise, written especially for the band by Songster Leader Wes Carroll. The sonsters presented Holy Ground, If You Would Be Strong and If Your Presence.

The Sunday morning meeting was a truly Spirit filled time of worship led by Captains Phil and Karen Layton, Hythe corps officers. It was good to see the Mercy Seat being used as a place of prayer.

Fun, fun and even more fun was a major feature of the weekend, the crew of both BMI flights must have wondered what they had let themselves in for!

How did the Holy Spirit use us? Well, some of it is perhaps too personal to share, however, I can tell you that there have not been any music sections at the Glasgow West Corps for some time, but the Songster Leader has been inspired to start a singing group/songsters once again. Now, that is an act of faith, because the corps do not have a pianist.

It was a terrific thrill for us to have Major Tokunaga Kojiro from Japan with us for the weekend. The Major and I became friends when the International Staff Band visited Tokyo. Toku, as he likes to be called, was a delegate at the International College for Ofiicers in London. In perfect English, Toku gave a moving testimony as to his calling and converstion to Christianity.

I am most grateful to our corps officers, Captains Phil and Karen Layton, for their support and leadership; to Songster Leader Wes Carroll for his inspiring music and leadership; and to every member of the Hythe Band and Songsters for their willing support and friendship.

Every one of them deseves a mention –
Cornet: Wendy Margott, Terry Jackson (Soloist), Phil Layton (Soloist)
Horn: Alyson Found, Norman Jacob
Baritones: Anne Carroll, Eric Godden
Euphonium: Wes Carroll (piano soloist)
Tuba: Robert Washford, Jonas Cardy
Vibraslap: Ashley Found

Songsters not in the band: Karen Layton, Gemma Found, Shauna Carroll, Lilian Cardy, Eileen Braddy, Mary Jones

Thank you Lord for being so very close to us, for using us and for travelling mercies.

— Bandmaster Richard Carroll

Major Toku's email – God blessed me through the music. It was a good chance for me to join the worship tour of Hythe Corps in Glasgow. I thought that God invited me to this tour. I had a plan to go to Hythe corps on 28th March in order to meet Bandmaster Richard Carroll but he called me and said that he had to go to Glasgow for the concert. So I decided to go to Glasgow to meet hin. But God had a great plan for me. To hear the music of Hythe Corps Band and Songsters was so great blessings for me. God blessed me through the music of band and songsters. When the worship started, I filled with the holy Spirit. Each worship (Saturday night, Sunday morning and afternoon) was prepared well. It was a first time for me to be blessed from the beginning to the end. I thought that I would invite them to Japan. Thank you very much the member of Hythe corps. God bless you.
Suginami Corps (Japan)
Major Tokunaga Kojiro

Report submitted by Bandmaster Richard Carroll

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  1. Enosh ben Augustine

    Praise God and may you all continue to grow and magnify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am writing from the island of Malaysian Borneo, known as North Borneo, in South East Asia. We were drawing plans to start a band to be named as the "Holy Spirit Band" when I come across what God is doing in your part of the World. God is really great. Thanks

    In Jesus Name,
    Yours faithfully,

    P/s any advice regarding our intention is most welcome.

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