Buchan Takes the Baton in Leeds

Bandmaster Jack Flounders of the Leeds Central Corps Band of the Salvation Army has retired after fourteen successful years. He has been succeeded by Bandmaster Craig Buchan.

Bandmaster Buchan studied composition at the University of Salford in the UK, where he earned his MA degree under the direction of Dr. Peter Graham. He worked for a short time in the music department of the Salvation Army's divisional headquarters in Washington, DC, where he was also a member of the National Capital Band. On his return to England he was commissioned as Deputy Bandmaster at Leeds Central, where the band has enjoyed somewhat of a mini-revival.

Source: Brass Crest Staff Report

One thought on “Buchan Takes the Baton in Leeds

  1. joan elliott

    I have no doubt what so ever, that the mini revival spoke of in the above comment, was due to the effort of Jack Flounder's dedicated input he would have had over the last few years,
    I hav'nt seen jack conduct for over 25 years, but both his demenur and natural music ability were an inspration to me, as was his wife Florence.
    I love them both and wish them well for the future.

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