Drumming Up Support!

Who in their right mind would want a drum for Christmas, not just any drum but a big bass drum? Well, the pupils at the Stevan Mokranjac School, in Kraljevo, Serbia, would.

The school specializes in music studies. Unfortunately, recent troubles have left them with little equipment.

A member of the Salvation Army, Mike Rowley, who resides in the Medway area, visited Kraljevo when he helped to deliver a consignment of aid to the Red Cross center there on behalf of the Blythswood Charity. He was invited to see the school “across the road” and a plea for help was born.

On his return to the UK, Rowley telephoned Bandmaster Richard Carroll of the Hythe Salvation Army to seek help and ended up with a big bass drum. Carroll said, “The school has very little in the way of any equipment or instruments, which makes teaching music somewhat difficult!”

Captain Karen Layton of the Hythe Salvation Army, stated, “We have two drums, and don't need them both so I was delighted to agree to Richard's request that we donate one of them to Kraljevo, where it will be used to make music once again. The Blythswood Charity aims to provide Christian care for body and soul and is Christian-based, which is another reason for us to help them out.”

June Tottman, of the Blythswood Charity, said, “You have no idea how much this drum will be appreciated, and we are very grateful to the Hythe Salvation Army for their kindness.”

Bandmaster Carroll has agreed to coordinate collection for the charity should readers wish to donate any musical equipment which they might have, no matter how small or how large, including pianos and organs. He added, “The collection of items such as pianos will take a few days to organize but smaller items and musical instruments I will gladly collect. Just have a look in the attic, get out the recorders, violins or whatever and give me a call at 01303 256354.”

Communication from Bandmaster Richard Carroll

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