John Plays the Sousaphone

On Saturday, 12 October 2013, Major John Mott played the Sousaphone for the first time in his life in the center of Cambridge. The event was to raise funds for the homeless to find a bed and food in the winter months.

The Rotary Club of Cambridge has decided to support a scheme by seven local churches to help with the problem of winter sleeping accommodation for those who need shelter at night. “Jimmy’s”, the current shelter, can no longer cope with all of those who need this facility, which is the reason for the churches to try and help.

“Jimmy’s” will supply a case worker who will refer the people who turn up there but cannot be accommodated. This group of people also need transportation, cooking utensils, and other things as they will provide a simple supper and breakfast.

The Rotary Club has already made a donation of £1000 towards this venture and Mott raised a further fantastic amount of £415 with his outdoor serenade. Thanks also go to Janet Johnson and Paul Henry who helped with the collection.

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