Retirements in Coventry

Two stalwart members of the Coventry City Band (Bandmaster Johnathan Fearn) recently retired from the band, with a combined total of nearly 100 years of Salvation Army band service.

John Parkinson

John Parkinson

John Parkinson

After 60 years as a Salvation Army bandsman, John Parkinson has, after “threatening” to do so several times, retired from the band and transferred to the Band Reserve. Parkinson has a very accomplished history in Salvation Army banding:

  • Sheffield Citadel Young People’s Band (cornet), 1953 – 1961
  • Sheffield Citadel Band (trombone), 1962 – 1976
  • Sheffield Citadel Band (soprano cornet), 1976
  • Leicester Castle Band (soprano cornet), 1976 – 1981
  • Coventry City Band (soprano cornet), 1981 – 1996
  • Coventry City Band (flügelhorn), 1996 – 2013, except for 6 months on soprano cornet in 2001

Parkinson assists with and is a valuable support for the Coventry City Young People’s Band (Leader Catherine Walls) and will continue with this ministry.

Frank Chesney

Frank Chesney with Bandmaster Jonathan Fearn

Frank Chesney (right) with Bandmaster Jonathan Fearn

Frank Chesney has also retired and transferred to the Band Reserve at Coventry. Chesney served for more than 35 years in Salvation Army bands at Blackburn Citadel, Birmingham Citadel and Coventry City. He was a confident bass player, but he also had a caring and spiritual depth. He also brought a humor to the Coventry City Band that will be missed. However, the band knows that they have his prayers and full support as they continue with their mission.

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