Music on the Bandstand in Hythe

The Hythe Band of the Salvation Army (Bandmaster Richard Carroll) brought the curtain down on a very successful bandstand season organized by the Hythe Town Council on 18 September 2005 with an excellent and varied program at the Oakland’s Bandstand.

The band started with a foot-tapping rendition of the march Southern New England and then used “New World” as their prayer. Other items included Tomado de la Mano, Scripture Sing-Along, It’s a Great Day, and the march Golden Jubilee (this one always gets a great cheer!).

The band, just 10 players strong, featured three cornet soloists: Wendy Margott, The Lord’s Prayer; Terry Jackson, The Old Rugged Cross; and Captain Phil Layton, Peasant Song. The concert also featured By the Peaceful Shores, a euphonium solo played by Songster Leader Wesley Carroll.

The authorities will tell you that there is always a big crowd when the Salvation Army band is on the bandstand and this concert was no exception. Bandmaster Carroll pulled no punches in using the words associated with the music in his introductions. He also included a “Favourites” time when members of the audience could choose a hymn tune of their choice (although there was some difficulty finding the music for Oklahoma and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in the Salvation Army Tune Books!).

The members of the Hythe Band are convinced that the seeds of the Gospel message were sown by their playing on this occasion, and they pray that the Lord will nurture those seeds.

Source: Submitted by Bandmaster Richard Carroll