Staff Bands Announce Personnel Changes for Fall Season

The Canadian Staff Band (Bandmaster Kevin Hayward) and the International Staff Band (Bandmaster Stephen Cobb) have announced new appointments for the 2005 – 2006 season.

ISB principal horn Jonathan Miller is leaving the group after a tenure of nine years, during which he migrated from 2nd horn to the principal chair. David Winch (Norwich Citadel) will take over the principal horn position. In the percussion section, the band says farewell to Johnathan Whitmore, who joined the ISB at the age of sixteen, having come up through the Territorial Youth Band. To fill Whitmore’s position, the band will welcome back a former member, Steve Moulton, a military musician and a member of the Hendon Band. Finally, after nearly 16 years with the band, Bb bass stalwart Trevor Caffull is retiring. His replacement will be Damien Wileman of Sheffield Citadel.

In Toronto, the Canadian Staff Band announced three new appointments effective in September, as well as a continuing appointment effective this past June. In addition, Lt.-Col. Bill Wilson will continue to carry the duties of Executive Officer at least through the New Year. The new appointments include Serena Fisher (London Citadel), joining the solo cornet row, Nicole Pollett (Mountain Citadel), in the back row of cornets, and Ron Pearson (Kitchener), who will be playing first baritone.

In addition to the new appointments, some changes will be made in the trombone section, occasioned by Phil Rayment’s departure from the CaSB during the summer. Rayment serves as the Bandmaster at Mountain Citadel. Staff Bandsman Michael Stayner will move from baritone to first trombone to fill the vacancy in the trombone section. Also, Valerie Moreton (Mississauga Temple) was appointed to the band effective on 1 June to fill the position of Trevor Mansell, who left the group following the Western Canada Tour.

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