Vlaardingen Study and Performance Weekend

On Saturday, 1 October 2005, the Vlaardingen Band of the Salvation Army began their annual study weekend. Jan Schut was invited as guest conductor for the sessions. A professional conductor prominent in the national music scene in the Netherlands, Schut has roots in the Haarlem Corps, where his father served as Bandmaster.

During the day on Saturday, the band worked on new repertoire, including items from Noel Jones (Australia), Peter van der Horden (Canada) and Eilav Herikstad (Norway). A large portion of the day was spent on a major work by Kenneth Downie, Princethorpe Variations.

On Sunday, 2 October, the Vlaardingen Band traveled to the Amsterdam West Corps, where they joined with the Amsterdam West Band for an annual autumn concert. Items from the Vlaardingen Band included Spirit of Joy, I’d Rather Have Jesus, The Cross and When the Saints. The Amsterdam West Corps Band played Quicksilver, Celebration of Contemporary Gospel Song, Beyond 2000 and I Need Thee.

The festival concluded with the combined bands, presenting Olympic Fanfare and Theme, True Courage, From That Sacred Hill, Bless Me, Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral and Give to Jesus Glory.

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