Transition in Georgia Music Department

Major Dalton Cunningham, Divisional Commander of the Georgia Division of the USA Southern Territory, has announced that Bandmaster John Zanders will transfer from the post of Divisional Music Director. Bandmaster Zanders will assume the role of Volunteer Coordinator in the development department of the Atlanta Metro Command. During the Georgia Senior Music Councils, held October 20, 2001 at the Atlanta Temple Corps, Bandmaster Zanders conducted several groups, including the Georgia Divisional Youth Band, the Georgia Divisional Youth Chorus, and the Atlanta Temple Corps Band. One of the highlights of the councils was a presentation in commemoration of his four years of guiding the music forces of the Georgia Division.

Associate Divisional Music Director Daniel Meeks will act as director while a search for a replacement for Bandmaster Zanders is conducted.

Source: Brass Crest Staff Report