Birmingham Citadel Kicks Off Leek Anniversary

The Salvation Army corps in the Staffordshire town of Leek recently celebrated its anniversary weekend, beginning on Saturday, 14 October 2005, with a special concert from the Birmingham Citadel Band (Bandmaster David Nicholson). The hall was filled to the point where television monitors were used so that those in obstructed-view seats could see as well as hear the band.

The festival opened with the march Crossbearers. Robert Hayward performed a xylophone solo and the timbrels presented an item. The horn solo Green Hill was played by Neil Blesset. Another solo item was the cornet duet Quicksilver, deftly played by Martin Hughes and Gavin Lamplough. The band also played several other items, including Canadian Folk Song Suite (Morley Calvert), Just As I Am (Wilfred Heaton), and The Present Age.

Those present at the Sunday services the day after the concert were still buzzing about the quality of the playing and the excellence shown in the program. The concert was a great beginning to the Leek anniversary weekend.

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