London Central Welcomes and Goodbyes

In addition to the appointment of new Bandmaster Julian Bright, the London Central Fellowship Band has had several changes over the past twelve months.

The Fellowship Band welcomed several new members, including James Barker (second cornet), Malcolm Quinn (solo horn), Susan Avison (solo horn), Anthony Lear (second trombone), Simon Wilbraham (second baritone) and Kevin Kavanagh (euphonium). The band also welcomed a new executive officer, Major Diane Henderson.

James Adcock and Tim Mizon have both left the band for studies at university.

The band was saddened to receive word from Don Jenkins in January that he wished to leave the band as a playing member. Jenkins was a significant member of the band for many years, including serving as Bandmaster for five years.

The Fellowship Band also said goodbye to Brian Huke. A busy Salvationist at Dunstable and a one-time member of the International Staff Songsters, Huke contributed to the band in the trombone section and more recently on first horn, in addition to being the resident vocalist.

Derek Saunders has also retired from playing. From the formation of the band, Saunders played solo horn and also served as treasurer.

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2 thoughts on “London Central Welcomes and Goodbyes

  1. Andrew Barrett

    Can you Please forward to me your events calendar for 2014 as my Nephew Simon Wilbraham is a Member of the Band on 2nd Baritone and I,d like to maybe turn up at one of the Festivals somewhere by Surprise to Him.Much Thanks to you. Mr Andrew Barrett(Former Bandmaster at Greenford Salvation Army between 1989 and 1995)

    1. Webmaster Post author

      Unfortunately, Mr. Barrett, as this is not the official site for the band, I cannot provide the information you have requested. You should visit the band's official site at for their upcoming schedule.

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