Hedgrens to Lead Florida Music Initiative

Commissioners Steve and Judy Hedgren, Territorial Senior Consultants in the USA Southern Territory, have relocated to Florida as they take up a new assignment supporting the music and arts programs in the Florida Division.

The Hedgrens will remain Territorial Headquarters officers, but will have new responsibilities in support of an initiative to significantly expand the Floria Divisional Music & Creative Arts program. The goal of this initiative is to establish local Schools for Perfoming Arts and Music Conservatories in many of the corps in the division.

The commissioners will serve as chairpersons for a new divisional steering committee, recruiting and organizing members from Salvation Army supporters and arts patrons across the state. They will also identify and cultivate corporate and individual sponsors that will establish a foundation of financial support for capital development and operating funds. In their new capacities, they will work directly with the Divisional Commander.

The Territorial Music and Creative Arts Department expressed excitement that these excellent leaders will be able to greatly enrich the lives of students and further open the historic window of opportunity which God has provided the Salvation Army through music and arts. The commissioners will ensure that these programs stay attuned to the Salvation Army’s mission, bringing many to faith and creating modern-day psalmists in the body of Christ.

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