New Hall Opens in Bellshill

The Bellshill Salvation Army (Scotland) opened its new hall on the weekend of 5 – 6 April 2014, supported by the Bellshill Band (Bandmaster Yvonne Ferguson) and the rest of the corps music sections.

New Corps building at Bellshill

New Corps building at Bellshill

The opening of the new hall was scheduled between noon and 2:00 pm on Saturday, 5 April, however, even before midday it was clear that there were many people coming to see the new building, not just from the corps but also from the community. After a brief welcome and prayer from Major Chris Connelly, the commanding officer, each of the corps’ music sections – Band, Songsters, Young Peoples’ Band and Singing Company – presented music. These performances lasted an aggregate of about two hours. In addition to the local musicians, the vocal trio Live to Tell was also present, offering several items during a 15-minute set.

The Bellshill Band did two sessions of 15 minutes each. Items in included:

  • Session 1
  • As We Are Gathered
  • Shalom
  • Sacred Hill (trombone feature)
  • Dancebeat
  • Guardian of My Soul
  • Session 2
  • Spirit of the West
  • Annie Laurie (Chris Shanks, euphonium soloist)
  • The Name
  • The Prayer
  • Fill the World with Glory

The Open Day concluded at 2:30 pm, having had a fabulous turnout from the community.

On Sunday morning, 6 April, the first worship service in the new hall began with the band playing outside to welcome everyone to the meeting. Moving inside, the band played Celebration (Leslie Condon) as the corps and band flags were marched into the new hall. The room was so packed that extra seating had to be brought in. During the meeting, those assembled were encouraged to rededicate their lives to God, and this theme was continued as the band played Dedication (Kenneth Downie), with the associated words:

I would be Thy holy temple,
Sacred and indwelt by Thee;
Naught then could stain my commission,
’Tis Thy divine charge to me.

Take Thou my life, Lord,
In deep submission I pray,
My all to Thee dedicating;
Accept my offering today.

During the meeting, many came forward to the mercy seat to take and sign a bookmark made for the occasion. The words on the bookmark are a pledge, reading as follows:

As we begin a new chapter in the life of our corps family, I commit myself fully to the mission, and open myself to whatever God may require of me in the future.

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