Gloucester 126th Features Regent Hall Band

The Salvation Army Gloucester Corps celebrated its 126th anniversary on the weekend of 26 - 27 November 2005. The event was marked by the visit of the Regent Hall Band from London.

The events got underway on Saturday evening, when the Regent Hall Band presented a program entitled “Expressions”. The concert featured a number of interesting movement and visual effects, including using the members of the band in a series of tableaux throughout the performance. Beginning with a Fanfare by the cornet and trombone sections (standing in the aisles among the audience), various sections of the band were featured at times during the festival. Soloists included Paul Sharman (cornet) and Marjory Watson (vocal).

Regent Hall Band conducted the Sunday morning service, featuring music, movement, song, and testimonies. The Gloucester Singing Company also participated in the meeting. Following the service, the Regent Hall Band, accompanied by Gloucester corps members and the Gloucester Band, marched up Eastgate Street to the Cross where an open-air meeting was conducted. The assemblage returned to the corps hall via Brunswick Road and Park Street. At all points during the march and open-air many people shopping and moving in the downtown area stopped to watch and listen.

On the evening of the 27th, the Regent Hall Band presented another concert, again utilizing music and movement to further their Gospel message.

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