Fellowship Band Mourns a Founding Member

Bob Bishop

Bob Bishop

Recently, the Solent Fellowship Band sadly announced the passing of one of its founding members, Bob Bishop. For many years, Bishop was the principal trombone of the band, in fact, his tenure as a principal has only been exceeded by fellow founding member Dennis Rudd.

Bishop was not always a trombone player. For many years he was a formidable cornet player, being a mainstay of the Chelmsford Citadel Band before moving to Southsea in retirement. His transition to the trombone was seamless and his light, delicate touch alongside his considerable reading skills made him a very capable principal trombone with both the Fellowship Band and with his home corps band at Southsea.

Bishop filled this role until relatively recently, with no intention of relinquishing his seat until he was forced by ill health to accept retirement from the band.

A Thanksgiving service for Bishop was held on 24 April 2014 at Southsea Citadel.

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