Mablethorpe Citadel Year in Review

The small band at Mablethorpe has ventured out of its Citadel so many times in the past year that it probably beats the local lifeboat! Following a busy summer in 2005 and a full Christmas engagement list, the band is looking forward to similar activity in 2006. They invite any musicians visiting the area to join with them. Despite only having a small number of players, with some just learning, the band often struggles to get the correct balance. Nevertheless, there is an increasing demand for the band to take part in both civic and church-based events and any help would be appreciated.

During the summer of 2005 the band played on the beach twice a week. They also participated in and led civic services and Songs of Praise at St. Mary’s, the local parish church, and in the nearby village of Trusthorpe. On Remembrance Day, the band played for the rededication of the War Memorial in Sutton-on-Sea and led the parade on Remembrance Sunday in Mablethorpe. During the Christmas season, the group played in the market towns of Sutton-on-Sea, Alford and Louth. Although the group is small in size, comments such as “Every holiday has its high point, and this has been ours” and “Hearing the band has been the icing on the cake for us” have been received during the season.

Located on the East Coast, not far from the Lincolnshire Wolds in a quiet area, Mablethorpe nonetheless has homeless residents and others needing assistance. If you are going near the area and would like to help the Mablethorpe Citadel Band in its many opportunities of service, please telephone the Bandmaster on 07971 457746. In exchange for your help you will receive a warm welcome and perhaps get something back in return.

Submitted by Roger Bunting