90th Annual West of England Bandsmen’s Festival

Camborne Town Band Wins Royal Trophy

The sun shone and shone and shone all day and there was a real “feelgood” factor at the 90th Annual West of England Bandsmen’s Festival on Saturday, 21 June 2014. Crowds flocked to Molinnis Park in the village of Bugle and all was well with the brass band community of Cornwall and beyond as 30 bands thrilled the audience with a wonderful day of music-making.

Top honors and the Royal Trophy went to Camborne Town Band for their performance of Connotations (Edward Gregson). It was the 37th time that Camborne have come out on top and won the Championship Section at the Festival.

As well as the Cornish bands, visiting bands from Oxford, Somerset, Hampshire and Gloucestershire also figured in the Prize List, with the young stars of tomorrow in the training bands making a significant impact with their youthful enthusiasm.


Ian Porthouse (Championship, First, Second, Third and Fourth Sections)
David Marshall (Youth and Training Sections)

Championship Section

Test Piece: Connotations (Edward Gregson)

  1. Camborne Town (Kevin Mackenzie) 193 – Winners of the Royal Trophy
  2. St. Dennis (Darren Hawken) 192
  3. St. Austell Town (Melvin White) 191

March: The Contestor (T. J. Powell)

  1. St. Dennis (Darren Hawken) 193
  2. St. Austell Town (Melvin White) 192
  3. Camborne Town (Kevin Mackenzie) 191

Best Player Award: Lee Wilde, solo cornet, St. Dennis

First Section

Test Piece: Spectrum (Gilbert Vinter)

  1. Roche Brass (Gary Cutt) 194
  2. Yeovil Town (David Hayward) 191
  3. Pendennis Brass (Steve Thomas) 190

Hymn: Colne (Thomas Rive)

  1. Roche Brass (Gary Cutt) 193
  2. Yeovil Town (David Hayward) 190
  3. Pendennis Brass (Steve Thomas) 189

Best Player Award: Kevin Robbins, solo cornet, Yeovil Town

Second Section

Test Piece: Penlee (Simon Dobson)

  1. Bodmin Town (John Maines) 192
  2. Forest of Dean Brass (Chris Howley) 189
  3. Bugle Silver (Jeremy Willcock) 188

Hymn: Alleluya - Sing to Jesus (arr. Philip Wilby)

  1. Forest of Dean Brass (Chris Howley) 188
  2. Bodmin Town (John Maines) 187
  3. Bugle Silver (Jeremy Willcock) 186

Best Player Award: Craig Wintle, solo cornet, Forest of Dean Brass

Third Section

Test Piece: St. Austell Suite (Kenneth Downie)

  1. Jubilee Brass (Oxford) (Clifford Sandler) 190
  2. Heyl Town (Shaun Marsden) 187
  3. Tadley Concert Brass (Paul Chapman) 186

Best Player Award: Laura Matthes, flügelhorn, Heyl Town

Fourth Section

Test Piece: Little Suite for Brass Band No. 1 (Malcolm Arnold)

  1. Camborne Junior Contesting (Alan Pope) 188
  2. Tadley Concert Brass (Paul Chapman) 186
  3. Jubilee Brass (Oxford) (Clifford Sandler) 184

Best Player Award: Abbey Roberts, solo cornet, Camborne Junior Contesting

Youth Section

Own Choice

  1. Mount Charles Youth (Jane Whitehead) 180
  2. St. Austell Youth (Mark Arnold) 178
  3. St. Dennis Youth (Rachael Sargent) 170

Best Player Awards
Best Player: Daniel Sloggett, trombone, Mount Charles Youth
Best Cornet: Jacob Griffiths, St. Austell Youth

E. J. Williams Memorial Trophy to the Winning Conductor: Jane Whitehead

Training Section

Own Choice (10 minutes)

  1. St. Stythians (Lisa Burns) 175
  2. Soundhouse (Gary Thompson) 170
  3. St. Newlyn East (Barry Skinner) 165

Best Player Awards
Best Player: Tobias Evans, percussion, St. Stythians
Best Cornet: Oscar Wells, St. Stythians

Special Awards

Open to all sections

  • Best Soprano: Les Kneebone, Camborne Town
  • Best Solo Cornet: Lee Wilde, St. Dennis
  • Best Euphonium: Robert Jose, Roche Brass
  • Best Solo Horn: Joanna Scott, Camborne Town
  • Best Set of Basses: Matthew Julian, Lee Trewhela, James Sturgess and Gary Giles, Camborne Town

A. R. Trudgian Youth Awards

  • Megan Thomas, Bugle
  • Thomas Howard, St. Austell

Deportment Class

Judge Gareth Roberts MBE

  1. Okehampton Excelsior Silver
  2. Bugle Silver

Report submitted by Phillip Hunt, Publicity Officer