Melbourne Staff Band Travels to Northeast Victoria

On Saturday, October 27, the Melbourne Staff Band (Bandmaster Ken Waterworth) traveled four hours from Melbourne to the northeastern area of Victoria, near the border with New South Wales, to the city of Wodonga. The concert in Wodonga was held in the Civic Centre. The band played several items held over from their tour of Great Britain during the summer, including Exultation, The Proclaimers (Kevin Norbury), Up Yonder (Gary Todd), Praise Him (Richard Squibb), Ochills (Nigel Atwill), and several others. Deputy Bandmaster Paul Smith presented Fiesta, a trombone solo by Peter Graham. Cornet soloist Ken Whittaker contributed with another of Graham’s works, the cornet solo Swedish Hymn. The major work of the evening was a new piece by Kevin Norbury, Three Images, showing in music the person of Jesus as Christ Incarnate, Christ the Shepherd and Christ Victorious. The concert concluded with the classic march Courage (George Marshall).

The Staff Band began its Sunday worship in Wodonga marching, playing In the Firing Line. They then participated in the morning worhsip at the Wodonga Corps, led by the band’s Executive Officer, Lt.-Col. Peter Callendar. Contributions by the band included testimonies from bandsmen, cornet soloist Sarah Slater’s presentation of Share My Yoke, and the meditation All That I Am (William Himes).

Following lunch at the Wondonga Corps, the band traveled to the town of Bright, where they played an ecumenical concert in the local Catholic church, opening with The Proclaimers (Kevin Norbury). Several soloists were featured including Sarah Slater playing Trumpet Concerto (Hummel), trombonist Paul Smith playing Fiesta (Peter Graham), and Ken Whittaker performing Swedish Hymn (Peter Graham). The high point of the concert was Eric Ball’s masterpiece The Kingdom Triumphant, conducted by retired Staff Bandmaster Colin Woods. Following several other numbers, Marilyn Woods requested the march Courage (George Marshall) as the conclusion, with the band again under Colin’s baton.

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