Maidstone Band at Kent County Show

The Maidstone Band (Bandmaster Nigel Yalden) attended the last day of the Kent County Show on 13 July 2014, as they have done for several years. The band presented two bandstand concerts and accompanied hymns for an ecumenical church service.

kent county show logo 2014

The first session, beginning at 11:30, commenced with the march Salisbury City, followed by the chorus arrangement Light Up the Sunshine and a more reflective piece, Time to Be Holy.

The next two items were conducted by Deputy Bandmaster Stuart Atkinson. These were two up-beat selections, Don’t Let the Devil and the flügelhorn solo So Glad, featuring soloist Stephen Mills. The session concluded with the song arrangement There Is a Redeemer and the march Harlesden.

The afternoon sessions started with the march Life Savers. The mood then changed with the chorus arrangement O How I Love Jesus. The next item was Dance Before the Lord, followed by He Found Me, focused around the words, “The Saviour sought and found me.”

The trombone section was featured in Sunshine Corner, after which Deputy Bandmaster Atkinson took the baton for the march South Shields Celebration (as the title indicates, written for the South Shields Corps) and the selection Blessing and Honour.

As time drew to a close, the band played a further three items, the first being How Sweet the Name, built around the hymn tune “French”. As a benediction, the band presented A Gaelic Blessing before signing off another year at the Kent County Show with the march To Regions Fair.

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