German Staff Band 25th Anniversary

In October 2014, the German Staff Band (Bandmaster Heinrich Schmidt) continued its celebration of 25 years of service with an anniversary event in Wellingbüttel, a district of Hamburg.


The weekend began on Friday afternoon as the musicians of the Staff Band gathered to prepare for an anniversary concert. In an intensive rehearsal they put finishing touches on items for the festival.

On Saturday, the weekend began in earnest. After another short rehearsal, the Staff Band was joined by former members. Many old stories were exchanged during a coffee break, after which everyone rehearsed together. Items such as Hillcrest (Bruce Broughton) were played, which was part of the repertoire of the Staff Band in 1989. Not stopping with nostalgia, several new pieces were also played. Items such as On We March (Kevin Larsson) showed how the music and the Staff Band have developed over the years.

This session was followed by a presentation on the origins of the German Staff Band. The Originally formed in 1909, but the World Wars put an end to this group. The present Staff Band was founded in 1989.

The day was rounded off with a concert in a neighboring church. The concert opened with On We March. Principal cornet Martin Steiner, at the request of a guest, played the cornet solo Share My Yoke (Joy Webb, arr. Ivor Bosanko). The musical highlight of the concert was The Day of the Lord (Steven Ponsford), presented to the audience in sections. The text of the song on which this work is based states that our praise belongs to God forever. So the German Staff Band prays that it can continue to serve God in the coming years.

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