Norwich Citadel Benefit Concert in Diss

The Salvation Army band and songster brigade from the Norfolk border town of Diss will be traveling to Sweden on a short trip later this year. To help support this effort, the Norwich Citadel Band (Bandmaster Douglas Beattie) gave a concert on 11 March in Diss.

Held at St. Mary’s Parish Church, the concert was organized by Diss bandsman Phil Green, who is the brother-in-law of Nigel Mapes, an Eb tuba player at Norwich Citadel. Green accompanied the Norwich Citadel Band on its US tour in 1998 as a photographer and also went to Sweden with Norwich Citadel in 2004, on that trip serving as the driver for the equipment van.

Items presented by the band during the concert included the solo items Happy All the Day, played by Richard Woodrow and High Above, played by Daniel Beattie. Other items included The Name, Power Praise, and Temple Visions. The bandmaster also chose to include two Salvation Army classics, The Old Wells (Eric Ball) and My Treasure (Wilfred Heaton).

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