Himes Helps Worthing Celebrate 130th Anniversary

Bandmaster William Himes OF and Linda Himes led the 130th anniversary celebrations of the Worthing Citadel Band (Bandmaster Alan Slator) in September 2014, including an anniversay dinner, Saturday evening festival and Sunday meetings.


The celebrations included Bandmaster Himes leading a rehearsal and a band celebration dinner after which he entertained the guests by answering questions about his music and his service as bandmaster of the Chicago Staff Band.

On Saturday afternoon, the band was joined by former members for a joint rehearsal. This was followed in the evening by a musical festival during which Bandmaster Himes led the Worthing Citadel Band in some of his own compositions. These included To the Chief Musician, Motivation, Celebration of Contemporary Gospel Song and Nicaea. In addition, the festival included pieces conducted by retired Bandmaster Ray Justice and Bandmaster Ken Clark of Twickenham, a former bandmaster at Worthing Citadel.

The special guests led the Sunday devotional meetings with members of the band taking part. On Sunday afternoon there was another festival, which included St. Francis, Able and Soli Deo Gloria, all composed and conducted by Bandmaster Himes.

Original report submitted by Bandmaster Alan Slator