Sanctuary (Volume II)


Boscombe Band of the Salvation Army
Bandmaster Dr. Howard J. Evans

World of Brass
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The second volume in a set of recordings by Boscombe Band (Bandmaster Dr. Howard J. Evans) of devotional selections from various eras of Salvation Army brass band repertoire.


1 Chorale and Prelude – Beethoven (Alistair Taylor)
2 Neapolis (Dean Goffin)
3 Rock of Ages (Bramwell Coles)
4 The Victory of Love (Eric Ball)
5 The Joy of Loving Hearts (Kenneth Downie)
6 Via Dolorosa (Ray Steadman-Allen)
7 My Treasure (Wilfred Heaton)
8 To Meet Him By and By (Dean Jones)
9 The Penitent (Harry Kirk)
10 O Disclose Thy Lovely Face (Erik Leidzén)
11 Hushed Was the Evening Hymn (Kenneth Downie)
12 Reflections (Norman Bearcroft)