Burgmayer Named to Central Territory Post


The Music and Gospel Arts Department of the USA Central Territory has announced that Dr. Harold Burgmayer has been named as the next Territorial Music and Gospel Arts Secretary. Dr. Burgmayer will join the department effective 3 August 2015, after previously having been the Divisional Music Director for the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware (Pendel) Division since 1981. He succeeds Bandmaster William Himes, who is retiring after 38 years of service in Chicago.

Dr. Burgmayer has servers as the Divisional Music Director in the Pendel Division since 1981, including leadership of the Pendel Brass and Singers. At age fourteen, Burgmayer began conducting and arranging music for his corps band in Levittown, Pennsylvania, while benefitting from the divisional music programs under the leadership of Bandmaster Kenneth Strehle and, later, Bandmaster Ivor and Songster Leader Jeannette Bosanko.

In the fall of 1973, Burgmayer began architectural studies at the prestigious Cooper Union in New York and was invited to join the New York Staff Band under Bandmaster Derek Smith. His desire to pursue music composition coincided with commitment to Christ made in the spring of 1977. In 1981, he succeeded the Bosankos as the leader of the music department in the Pendel Division.

Dr. Burgmayer completed his Master and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees at Temple University in Philadelphia. He has produced more than 350 arrangements and compositions, ranging from simple children’s songs to major works for brass band to a symphony for full orchestra.

During his long tenure in the Pendel Division, Dr. Burgmayer has maintained the excellent record of his predecessors and extended the work of the music and creative arts department, which now includes several regional music directors and a creative arts director.

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