Tune Book Harmony

The next new resource for the new Tune Book is the "Tune Book Harmony". This lists all of the tunes published in the 2015, 1987 and 1953 editions of the Tune Book, including supplements, showing the tune numbers in each edition. This data was the basis for the Comparison Charts for the Tune Book that were published a few days ago.

A companion Song Book Harmony is in preparation. Online versions of both are in development. Printable (MS Word and PDF) versions will be published first.

2 thoughts on “Tune Book Harmony

  1. Ed Wicks

    Thank you! Thank you! A thousand times thank you for the spade work you have done in making comparisons between our new Song Book and the 1987 Book. You have saved untold hours of work for us. For me in particular. I am writing an article on the new book for our Corps (Ottawa Citadel) newsletter in February and I will make extensive use of the work you have made available. I will acknowledge your website as my source for the numbers I will use and the songs I will identify.

    In my work on new songs and omitted songs, I have noticed a few inconsistencies in your material. They are not significant in essence or in quantity, but I can identify them for you if you wish.

    Again thanks for the service you do.

    Ed Wicks

    1. Webmaster Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. Please feel free to send me any corrections or comments you may have on the documents. The goal is to be as accurate as possible.

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