Canadian Staff Band Personnel Changes

As the Canadian Staff Band (Bandmaster John Lam) began its rehearsals for the new season, several personnel changes were announced, including the appointment of Cameron Rawlins as Deputy Bandmaster.

In addition to the three long-term members whose departures were announced at the end of the 2015 – 2016 season (see “Farewells from the Canadian Staff Band”), the band also said goodbye to two of their percussionists, Kevin Wilson and Matt Moore. Wilson has given many years of yeoman service to the band and the band thanked him for his quiet influence. Moore was only in the group for a short time, but the band wished him all the best as he launches into a busy playing career that includes many dates with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The band also thanked Robert Brown for filling in on short notice for a few months last season.

The Staff Band was also pleased to welcome their new Executive Officer, Lt.-Col. Jamie Braund. Currently serving as the Secretary for Personnel at Territorial Headquarters, he is a keen horn player, fantastic pianist and an all-round excellent officer.

The band congratulated Cameron Rawlins on his appointment as Deputy Bandmaster. Rawlins has been in the Staff Band for a decade and is now stepping into a leadership position.

On soprano cornet, the band welcomed back Ron Heintzman, who is bandmaster of the Meadowlands Corps Band. Also in the cornet section, Darrin Tilley joined the band on first cornet. Tilley is a member of the London Citadel Band (and when not playing his cornet he can be seen trying to manage a large group of roving timbrelists!).

In the percussion section, the band welcomed Luke Pavey from Richmond Hill. He has helped the band out on occasion in the past and has the distinction of being the son of the band’s principal euphonium, Steve Pavey.

Finally, the band welcomes Curtis Lupton on E♭ bass. Lupton is a member of Mountain Citadel Band and continues the youth movement that is currently underway in the Staff Band.

Canadian Staff Band Facebook page, original report by Craig Lewis