The Brass Crest Launches 2-Part Hymn Series

While serving as an instructor at a summer music camp, the webmaster of the Brass Crest was struck with the difficulty of finding two-part arrangements of hymn tunes. This was the genesis of the Brass Crest Two-Part Hymn Series.

These are very simple arrangements. The first part is the tune, the second part is an accompanying part. Each file is in PDF format and contains:

  • A summary page, showing both parts on one staff in concert pitch
  • Individual part pages for C, B♭, E♭, F, and bass clef instruments (one part per page)
  • A “full score” showing the summary and all parts

In order to keep the parts in easily playable ranges, the E♭ and F parts are “upside down”, with the first part lower than the second. If two instruments of the same pitch are used, it is advisable to use the C instrument parts so that the parts are in the correct relation.

All of the arrangements are free to download, print, copy, or redistribute, provided that the copyright notice is included as in the original file. The first arrangement is ABIDE WITH ME. Others will be published on a ongoing basis.