New Recording from Amsterdam Staff Band


On 29 October 2016, the Amsterdam Staff Band (Bandmaster Olaf Ritman) will release its new recording, entitled Vain Resistance. The recording features the title track, composed by the Staff Bandmaster. Several other arrangements by Ritman are also included, as well as items from soloists Michel Rosenquist, Jorijn van Hese, and Steef Klepke Jr.

The full track list is below:

  1. Let There Be Light! (Steven Ponsford)
  2. Wells (Sam Creamer)
  3. Call of the Seasons (Philip Catelinet), Michel Rosenquist, euphonium soloist
  4. ... bought with your Blood (Olaf Ritman)
  5. Leibesleid (Kreisler, arr. Don Morrison, Jorijn van Hese, baritone soloist
  6. Blue Marble (Martin Cordner)
  7. Hold that Fort! (Sam Creamer)
  8. Rhapsody for Cornet and Band (Olaf Ritman), Steef Klepke Jr., cornet soloist
  9. The Hill of Calvary (Bramwell Coles)
  10. Vain Resistance (Olaf Ritman)
  11. Triumphant Prospect (Olaf Ritman)

Submitted by Steef Klepke Jr.