Enfield Band Sunday 2016

Following their Pre-Contest Festival the previous Friday evening, Enfield Citadel Band were back at Enfield Citadel on Sunday, 9 October 2016 for the traditional Band Sunday. The meeting was lead by Enfield Citadel commanding officer Major Andrew Gaudion, with the theme “Thanking God for Music”.

The story for the young people featured Major Gaudion leading the band as he built up a hymn tune, starting with the basses and adding each part until the full band was playing, demonstrating that everyone has a part to play. Val Parkhouse spoke about the time when her father, Leslie Condon, was writing The Present Age, which the band had played on Friday evening, and how the International Staff Band had received weekly installments to rehearse before the first performance.

During the meeting the band, led by Bandmaster Don Jenkins, contributed I Know Thou Art Mine and the hymn setting Ruth. The latter piece has a particular association for Jenkins, which he shared with those present.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the band presented a short program which included Nicaea, Simple Gifts, Lux Aurumque, and Soli Deo Gloria. Jenkins reminded the audience that Deputy Bandmaster Andrew Justice was recently featured on the cover of SA Bandsman magazine to recognize his 30 years of service with the International Staff Band, and then invited Justice to play the trombone solo Blessed Assurance.

To conclude the event, Bandmaster Jenkins invited Bandmaster James Williams, now in his 92nd year, to take the helm and conduct the band’s signature march, The Red Shield.

Enfield Citadel Band web site and Facebook page, original report by Garry Ambrose